Rustic solid wood Sugar mold

If your are into holes, we have them in stock. Beautiful solid wood Sugar molds. Rustic finish handcrafted from Mexico.
grey sugar mold2 hole sugar6 hole sugar a4 hole sugar redMolds were used in Mexico to make cones of sugar called piloncillo. Liquid is poured into the cone shaped holes, and when hardened, is sold in the markets to be chipped off and used as needed in cooking.
Very functional when used to hold pens, greenery, reading glasses, small tools, brushes, art supplies (crayons) for the little ones and silverware for party events, The old wood patina goes well with any decor: contemporary, farmhouse, industrial, cottage, or rustic. Hand made, comes with scratches, dents, and chips. Heavy enough to stand alone.
2 hole 7″ long $12
4 hole 13″ long $16
6 hole 18″ long $20
10 hole 26″ long $30
Hole size: 4 1/2 deep top is 2 1/2 wide and gets narrower toward the bottom.